Sunday, August 23, 2009

Peter Facinelli for Mr.Twitter & Pap Pics

Click the link above to help Peter Facinelli become the Ultimate world Mr.Twitter - you know he deserves it guys, he keeps us updated on everyday stuff through Twitter. He is almost as addicted to it as we are, if not more.

Peter has been very busy lately. He’s been in Vancouver training for his parts in Eclipse and then Saturday he went to Los Angeles to see his daughter play soccer practice. The pics show him leaving to go back to Vancouver from LAX airport. Is he sticking his tongue out at the paps? ....

Friday night Peter tweeted this: "Today…kissed my family goodbye (they went home), fight training, workout, and…saw a screening of New Moon. It’s really good. I’m Excited!"

And then Saturday morning he tweeted this:
"Dipped down to LA for the weekend. On my way to my daughter’s soccer practice straight from the airport."

What an amazing dad. He doesn’t let work get in the way of his family at all!

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