Sunday, August 23, 2009

Ashley & Xavier hooking up?

Forgive the headline guys - Ashley & Xavier were spotted walking together in Vancouver yesterday, which 'obviously' means they are hooking up! Especially as 'OMG' they are smiling at each other! Forgive my cynicism, but really two people strolling down the road together does not a 'Robsten' make!!

SassyQarla reports:

'Despite being linked to Chace Crawford recently, Ashley Green looked awfully friendly towards her new "Twilight" co-star Xavier Samuel as the duo strolled and obviously enjoying each others company in Vancouver, BC, Canada on August 22, 2009.

The Australian actor Xavier Samuel who plays the role of Riley in the third installment of Twilight, "Eclipse'' can't hide the smile, while Ashley was snapped looking at Xavier's delightful face. Oh, they look good together! '


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  1. Who'd have thought it??Cast members get along & spend time together when not filming!!! lol :) Seems everything gets made out of nothing these days :) x