Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Average Age of Twilight Fan - Poll RESULTS

Ok the results are in! I would like to point out that the reason we ran this poll in the first place is to prove a point to people who think that ALL Twilight fans are teenage fans. Granted there are a lot of teenagage fans but there are also a lot of Older fans too.

Thank you for voting (163 Votes in Total) - here are the results:

Age 15 or Under - Votes Cast 21 Percentage of Poll = 12%

Age 16 - 19 -Votes Cast 25 Percentage of Poll = 15%

Age 20 - 25 - Votes Cast 33 Percentage of Poll = 20%

Age 26 - 30 - Votes Cast 32 Percentage of Poll = 19%

Age 31 or over - Votes Cast 52 - Percentage of Poll 31%

Results mean that 70% of all those cast are aged 20 or over. Please feel free to use these poll results in defense of your fan-dom!!

Irish Twilight Sisters


  1. Damn right - the over 20s have a right to love Twilight!!!

  2. The numbers speak volumes! Just wish they would move the book out of 'young adult' to save us the embarressment.