Wednesday, August 26, 2009

And the award for Nonsense article of the week goes to NW magazine (Australia) - Please note my heavy use of sarcasm in this post- Bee)

Ok so according to NW magazine...

Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart have "enjoyed hotel hook-ups" - eh Proof please?

At the Kings of Leon concert where they reportedly kissed NW quote a *cough* Witness as saying "Kristen leaned in and Rob devoured her"..again Pics (clear ones) or it didn't happen.

Taylor Lautner was "horrified at this public display of affection because of his obvious infatuation with Kristen"..seriously this sounds more like a work of fiction..oh wait, it is!!

Jenny Garth spilled the beans on 'Robsten' - we have all heard this one and the actual real story surrounding what Jenny actually said.

Kristen Stewart has had recent dates with Robert, Taylor & Michael Angarano (her ex) - crikey she gets around doesn't she...(sarcasm people)

Kristen is buying a 3.6 million dollar Hollywood 'love nest' for her & Rob - as am I :0)

Robert fell in love with Kristen on Twilight and she is still the one - didn't we all fall in love with someone on Twilight LOL

Oh and finally - there is lots of 'tension on set' because Taylor is left out in the cold after Kristen had led him on....this should read - lots of tension in New Moon because Bella loves Jacob but loves Edward more and Jacob is not happy about it...

With many thanks to Melissa ;0) Xx

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