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Rick Mora Talks about being Ephraim Black!

Vampire Music interviewed Rick Mora - who plays Ephraim Black in the Twilight movies - and he talks about being cast, the fanbase and Nikki, Rob and Peter :)
Check out the interview below:
Q: Can you describe the role of Ephraim Black, the character you play in the Twilight Saga?
First off I must establish that TWILIGHT never cast the part of EPHRAIM BLACK directly. I was cast as a member of the Quileute Tribe. Within the direction of the shoot Director chose me to represent the BIG DEAL made between the Natives and the Vampires. “No war will incur as long as no human blood is consumed on Quileute Land. Because of the dedicated fan base who follow the book religiously, My character placement within the flashback sequence defined me as EPHRAIM BLACK ; the great great grandfather of Jacob. They speak of my character in every movie and the TWILIGHT fans have carved an amazing place for me in TWILIGHT history.

Q: Can you describe the location and construction of the Twilight movie
Twilight was filmed 95% up north in Oregon but for all TWILIGHT fan information diaries, the last week of production was filmed in Griffith Park up at the top of the mountain next to the hiking trail. Filmed on a set with trees designed to look like Oregon, smoke and 8 FULL BLOOD TIMBERWOLVES. Campfire shot and Prom scene were filmed in the house and backyard of the most amazing property in Pasadena. But you did not hear all this from me…

Q: How did your three days on the Twilight set help to advance your understanding of the industry?
At the time of TWILIGHT production everyone was very aware of the power of this novel series by Stephanie Myers. Being on the set of a 30 million dollar production has a level of perks that makes acting an addiction. This experience showed me the power of a franchise and the experience of going from a face nobody knew to a face people think they know which is the biggest blessing to any actor.

Q: Can you comment on the professional growth of some the other Twilight actors since the time you worked with them on the set? Do you keep up with their careers?
I can’t help but have a distant connection to each one of the TWILIGHT actors career. No one knew when the finished product was complete that it would have the impact it created. TWILIGHT changed the face of book to movie franchise for America. Twilight casted Rob who was a part of the Harry Potter Franchise and paired him with Kristen who was a prodigy child actress. Successful Book+Perfect timing+perfect casting choice = Blockbuster Franchise Success! I am happy to say that I share and public appearance agent who also reps. Peter Fascinelle(Dr. Cullen) and we do touring public appearances. Leader of the Cullens with Leader of the Quileute.

Q: Many actors have commented about Nikki Reed, and how her personality helps to facilitate an enjoyable working environment. What was your impression while working with Nikki?
WOW… I had no idea this is what they are saying. But I must admit that Nikki brought and amazing amount of energy to set, was way cool and friendly friendly friendly !! I was a Nikki Reed fan from the days of “13″ directed by TWILIGHT’s director. I was so so honored to be a part of this project.

Q: During your time on the set, can you discuss how Robert Pattinson was being utilized? How much downtime or preparation in clothing and makeup did he and other actors require?
My time with Rob was limited to Make-up/Hair prep time and on set action. BUT during this time, he was way COOL and really nice. I did not realize the power of TWILIGHT when we talked so it was nice to talk to a real genuine guy who’s life was about to flip upside down overnight… I am so honored to say I was there and felt the amazing energy !!

Q: Which scenes were being filmed during the three days you were present?
My production days included the FLASHBACK SEQUENCE and the PROM SCENES. Rick Mra (EPHRAIM BLACK) along with 3 additional warriors discover the Cullen Family feeding on a Deer on their land thus initiating the deal between the Vampire Cullen family and Quileute Tribe regarding their feeding process. The PROM scene was shot in the main house of the property but I was not on set for this filming.

Q: In the event that Stephanie Meyer decides to finish the Twilight Saga Novel Midnight Sun, and if Ephraim Black is written into the story, and if a movie of Midnight Sun was set to film, would you consider reprising your role as Ephraim Black in that film?
This question is a NO BRAINER !! I am doing my best to establish myself as a working actor and there is no better resume credit that a 300 million dollar franchise. I would accept EPHRAIM BLACK as native foot by tree !! I am very humble with my place and truly grateful for making the cut on this blockbuster phenome…

Q: Can you describe your interactions with Peter Facinelli during and between scenes?
Peter was an amazing scene partner to work with. We had to shake hands for almost an hour and it is my picture with him that made me solid with my place in the cast of TWILIGHT. Very nice guy to work with and even introduced me to his daughters who were on set. The night was long and uncomfortable because of the my costume but the return was AMAZING !!!

Q: Has the acting industry changed since your career began?
I have had the privilege to watch the evolution of an industry…When I started there was no internet and parts were cast off of 8×10′s sent in the mail and personal agent/casting director relationships. Native presence was very minimal and my place was very special. I worked for many years being the only Native American talent available…Not many of us at that time! Now the internet has changed the world and I am happy to see the wonderful collection of Native talent out there

Q: What hobbies keep you busy outside the world of acting?
I am so glad you asked me about something not ACTING !! I am a beach bum. I live at the beach so my pleasure comes from the ocean. I am also an avid photographer who has specializes in Landscape Photography from around the world. ..I have been blessed to be commissioned for my work and have focused on producing images produced from 35mm photography with NO digital correction. I am always dedicated to my charity work; SAVING K-9 LIVES.COM. CRS and CIRCLE OF LIFE Prod. and have prioritized a healthy positive way of life.

Q: In addition to appearing on the cover of the Vampire Music novel, how is your 2012/2013 professional schedule looking?
I can tell you about my current projects:
I have the release of LITTLE BOY starring Kevin James, Emily Watson, Sean Aston, Ben Chaplin, Michael Rapporport as well as many more A list actors.
I have 3 movies in distribution “The Dead and the Damned” and “Yellow Rock” that are in distribution as well as “Big Money Rustlas”. I will be filming “Hell Hunters” in the coming months and continue to be featured on Magazine Covers, Radio and Convention Tour appearances.


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