Saturday, November 24, 2012

Vote for Twilight and Support it's cast-members in the PCA's 2013!

The People's Choice Awards are now accepting votes!
This year, Twilight is only nominated in ONE category... but boy is it a good one!

Favourite Movie Fan Following: TWIHARDS - TWILIGHT

So you'd better vote (CLICK HERE to do it!) so we can beat out the stiff competition!!

Before we get to that category, however, there's 16 categories you've to get through.

You don't need to vote, however we've shortlisted the categories that have an actor/band/host even remotely related to Twilight in it - just in case you want to vote for them! ;)

So read on for the info:

Favourite Movie: Snow White and the Huntsman
Favourite Action Movie Star:Chris Hemsworth
Favourite Face of Heroism:Kristen Stewart
Favourite Comedic Movie: Pitch Perfect / What to Expect when You're Expecting
(Anna Kendrick)
Favourite Comedic Movie Actress: Reese Witherspoon
(was in WFE with Rob!)
Favourite Dramatic Movie Actress: Charlize Theron
(was in SWATH)
Favourite Movie Franchise: The Avengers
(Chris was in SWATH)
Favourite Movie Superhero: Chris Hemsworth
(was in SWATH)
Favourite On-Screen Chemistry: Kristen/Chris
Favourite Daytime TV Host:The Ellen DeGeneres Show
Favourite Late Night TV Host:Jimmy Fallon/Kimmel
Favourite R&B Artist:Bruno Mars
Favourite Band: Green Day

Again, the link to vote is: :)

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