Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Be the first to meet Nikki and Kellan at Saturday's Dublin Signing-Event!

Nikki Reed as Rosalie Cullen and Kellan Lutz as Emmett Cullen.
As we all now know, to celebrate the release of the epic final installment of The Twilight Saga - Breaking Dawn Part 2 - two of the film’s biggest stars, Nikki Reed (Rosalie Hale) and Kellan Lutz (Emmett Cullen) are coming to Ireland for a very exclusive fan signing event this Saturday (October 27th) in The Convention Centre, Dublin.

The event will take place between 2.15PM and 4.15PM - but how would you like to be top of the queue and be one of the first few people to meet them?? 
To be in with a chance of winning this awesome prize, just tell answer the following question in the comments section below;
If you were a vampire, which characteristic
would you want to have and why??
You must enter using a valid name and email address. 
The winner will be picked and notified on Thursday, 25th October. Best of luck!


  1. If I was a vampire, I would like to be able to make people happy if they were sad, just so the people around me did not have to feel down
    Name: Kate Hanniffy
    Email: katehanniffy@gmail.com

  2. If I were a vampire I would love to have Bella's characteristic. It's great how she can protect her whole family with her force field! I think that's a really amazing characteristic to have. However if i could combine Edward's, Alice's and Bella's characteristics into one I would! Talk about being an awesome vampire!
    Nicola Gordon

  3. If I was a vampire, I would like to be able to see the future like Alice, calm people down like Jasper, read the minds of people like edward, especially teachers, to be able to do well on tests lol... that's all my favorite characters, adding that all this powers we can rule the world!!
    - name: Sabrina Kromberg
    - email: sabx.kromberg@gmail.com

  4. rebecca mc caffreyOctober 23, 2012 at 6:15 PM

    if i was a vampire i would be Rosalie she can be a bit of a beep put she stands up for her family and loved ones

    ps she makes fun of Bella hehe


  5. If I was a vampire, I would like to have the ability to read minds like Edward can. That way you'd be able to tell when someone wasn't okay and you'd be able to help them, no matter what their problem was. :] Oh, & I would also like to be able to see the future, like Alice. I could stop people I know from doing stupid things before they do them.
    Name: Sinead O Carroll
    Email: sineadnicearuil@hotmail.com

  6. If I were a vampire I would most definately have to be beautifully pale, but not to pale, where people would guess you were a vampire. I love the sparkle idea but, but only for the women vampires. I would call them vampesses (",). The sparkle would appear when I am attracted to a male vampire. I'd Love to heal quicker than others and be highly intelligent. Of course I would love to be able to mind read and see into the future. But if i were to narrow it down i'd want to be bella. Why?? Because she has my MAN!

    Name: Laura O'Rourke
    Email: Lauraspillane1986@hotmail.com

  7. If I were a vampire I'd have to vegetarian just like the Cullens. The characteristic I'd most like would be the same as Edwards, to know what everyone else is thinking but I would like to switch it off sometimes because if you were in a crowd it might do your head in a bit lol :p

    Name:Tracey Coughlan
    Email: traceycoughlan@gmail.com

  8. if i was a vampire id like to be able to be compassionate like Carlisle.he is def the most awesome vampire in the whole saga
    kathleen Murphy

  9. If I was a vampire, I have to honestly say I would love to have Bella's Defense characteristic. I think the power and need to protect your family and those you love is such a strong trait, yet it's simple without being flashy. I think it would make you look like a powerful vamp huntress who is fiesty and strong however loves her family fiercly. Although, I would take whatever once Edward was included in my package deal;) Else I would most definitely want a refund lol
    NAME: Aisling Dempsey
    EMAIL: aislingmdempsey@live.ie

  10. I would like to say that I would want a characteristic that would enable me to further my dream of world peace; but I won't. However, I will be selfish and pick the characteristic of stamina, as that is the one that allows the vampires to have endless sex. LOL
    Name: Caroline Shanahan
    Email: cshanahan@utvinternet.com

  11. If i were a vampire i'd love to be able to read minds so that i could see if people like me or not and so that i could see what a teacher was going to put on a test :)
    Name: Medb O'Gorman
    Email: medbogorman1@gmail.com

  12. if i were a vampire, i would like to be like Bella were i could protect those i love, Edward so i could read minds, Carlisle so i could be extremely compassionate and Esme so i could be as caring as her. However, i would also like to be unique and have my own special characteristic. I would like to be able to do something extremely cool like creating things with my mind or be super smart so i would ace all my tests :)
    Name: Keshia Murray

  13. if was a vampire i would like to make people invincible so they would not have to be afraid of dying or getting killed they would just die of old age i also would like to be able to cure illnesses in people that were dying and let them lead a happy life and i would like to be able to tame new born and cure their thirst for blood so they would not hurt anything that did not need to be killed.I would like these powers because it would help people to lead a happy life and for vampires to only need to kill if they really need to i think it would be a nice power because it would help vampires and humans be together with out any trouble with out them knowing :)
    name:Alanna Burke

  14. I would love the power of vampire Bella's shield. Can you imagine having the ability to a protect and defend the ones you love from the hurt and pain this world has to offer! I would also enjoy having Renesmee's gift to be able to show people the world through my eyes because there is too much negativity in the world nowadays which people get blinded by. To open eyes to the beautiful and show what's underneath all the ugly is an ability we should all want. I know a lot of people who don't see themselves as anything worth while. To be able to show the perfect beneath the surface through someone else eyes...best vampire ability out there. Name: Jacqueline Mason email: Jacq_mason@hotmail.com

  15. if i was a vampire i would love to be able to show people everything i have seen with just one single touch the way renesmee can, i think that there are way to many people nowadays who just can't see how amazing they are and think there useless and ugly because of bullys and i would love to be able to show them that they are beautiful inside and out by letting them see themselves through someone else's eyes and show them they are worth it and deserve to be here living just as much as anybody else. i would also love to have Jaspers characteristic because for once it would be cool to just keep everyone in a calm mood instead of sitting there waiting to see who's going to blow the lid and attack everyone this time.
    NAME: Jessica Martin
    EMAIL: jessiep023@hotmail.com

  16. I wud love to have a power to change people's minds!!! My first act wud be to make everyone twilight fans!! :D name: Eva mcinerney. Email: mcinerneyeva@gmail.com

  17. if i had to pick a characteristic i would choose loyalty because i think it is the best and strongest characteristic someone could have. loyalty can actually combine many different characteristics together. for example loyalty can make someone become fearless, couragous and compassionate, you care so much about someone that you would face fear, death, loss and pain just to help that person. NAME: Jill O'Neill. EMAIL: jilloneillxx24@yahoo.co.uk

  18. If I were a vampire I would want to have the ability to recall every human AND vampire memory so I would never forget the amazing moments in both life-times. (And I could watch all the twilight films over and over and over in my head... FOREVER!)

    Name: Casey Weafer
    Email: CaseyWeafer@hotmail.com

  19. I would want to have the courage to face any fears. Also to always be looking on the bright side and be optimistic.
    Name: Laura Conway
    Email: lauraconway1@hotmail.com

  20. If I could choose characteristics I would choose Jaspers with so many people suffering from anxiety and depression at the minute it would be great to calm people down and get them to relax. JASPER SAYS RELAX.
    Name: Tara-Maria Naughton
    Email: taramarianaughton@gmail.com

  21. If I was a vampire the characteristic I would like to have would be being able to show people my inner most thoughts like Renesmee. To show the people I love and care for how much they mean to me. It would give other people an insight into my thoughts and feelings. Also with that I'd love to be able to help people everywhere just express how they feel to talk and let people know what they feel. To talk about ones problems is the first step to solving the issues.That's how I would put my characteristic to use in this world.

    Name:Sophie Kennedy
    Email: Sophiekennedy90@gmail.com

  22. if i was a vampire i would want characteristics like carlisle; because, he always puts his family first over himself like a father should. in twilight you see him introducing his family to laurent, victoria and james but he never points to them individually because he is trying to protect bella from them; you also hear him telling rosalie that bella is part of their family and that they protect their family. in breaking dawn he agrees with edward for getting rid of the baby, but he never goes against esme, rosalie and bella's wishes when they refuse. i can tell that carlisle would sacrifice his own life to protect his own family.

    i am like that in away, i will always put my family before myself, my family may not be like the cullens, but whatever i have i give to mam to help to pay for food, or to pay the bills. my family mean a lot to me, just like carlisle's family mean a lot to him too.


  23. If I were a Vampire I would have to be the most beautiful Vampire in the world. I would love to able to control people's minds and have them falling at my feet. I would have the strength of 20 men combined so i was unstoppable. I would be absolutely loaded with money so I could buy all the Juicy couture bags I wanted. (",)I love jaspers gift of controlling emotion. That would come in handy for me to make Robert pattinson fall unconditionally and irrevocably in love with me! I would like to be able to go out in the sun but instead of my skin sparkling like diamonds i would like diamonds to appear in my pocket when the sun hits!!
    Laura Spillane

  24. If I was a vampire I would like to have Bella's powers so that I could protect everyone I love from the other vampire's powers and Alice's ability to see the future to be used for good instead of evil. :)
    Lynnze S.
    Email: lynnze1989@gmail.com

  25. I would like to have the ability to read minds just like Edward, but, I would also want to have the great emotional and physical strength that Rosalie has!

    I would choose these abilities so that I could help prevent accidents (as well as knowing when an exam is coming up in my classes ;)) from happening (just like Edward prevented Bella from being killed by the car in Twilight!) and I would love Rosalie's incredible emotional strength because, even though she went through such a horrible ordeal during her life, she keeps herself together for the sake of Emmett and their love. She's also incredibly physically strong which is something I'd love to have myself!

    Lynne Swan

  26. If I was a vampire I would like to have Jasper's powers as I think they could come in very handy...Stop bullying, maybe stop a few wars...I think his powers could be used for a lot of good! x

    Name: Katie Semler
    Email: DanceStarKatya@gmail.com

  27. If I was a vampire I would like to have either James' or Edward's power. I would like to have James' amazing tracking power because it would be so cool being able to track people that much, you'd never get lost and if you were ever looking for someone, it wouldn't take you a minute to find them!I'd like to be able to read people's mind like Edward because I'm always wondering what people are thinking...

  28. If I was a vampire I would love to have maggies,from the Irish covens characteristic of being able to sense if someone is lying. I would like to have this characteristic so I know when I am being lied to and if someone close to me is getting lied to so I can save them from any pain that lie might cause. I would also love to sparkle in the sun cause that is just amazing!

    name:siobhan oriordan

  29. If i was a vampire i would be like alice really happy and gentle to see the future to help save the world and to help people who need it the most

    Hollie Murphy

  30. If i was a vampire i would be like alice really happy and gentle to see the future to help save the world and to help people who need it the most

    Hollie Murphy

  31. I would have that they can’t sleep so the girls could have non stop sleepovers without exhaustion jk :) Honestly that’s a hard one but either their ability to be so graceful (I’m a big clutz) or their speed and strength, just imagine who many people you could help and save if you had that, prevent accidents and save people who are in them. <3

    Sarah Farren

  32. If I were a vampire the characteristic I would want to be able to cure the sick with my touch. I would love to be able to cure people who were sick and I would travel round the world using my vampire powers to do this.
    Danni Lowrie

  33. id love to be able to affect peoples thoughts like jasper, and keep everyone calm and happy around me.

    lucy warren

  34. mmmm I'd love to have the characteristics of Benjamin... to be able to influence the elements earth, wind, water & fire... I'd be environmentally friendly of course :)
    Karen Sheils - sheilskaren@gmail.com

  35. has the winer been picked?

  36. I love to be able to understand why people are unhappy and be able to let them tell me why and maybe i could fix it please pick me I love kellan lutz so much :( :)
    lillaura2010@hotmail.com Laura Andrews

  37. It would litreally be my life, the ironic thing about vampires make me feel alive....so please pick me it would be dream come true.