Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Full-length Breaking Dawn Part 2 Trailer Coming this Saturday?

SND (the french distributor of Twilight) is reporting that the feature-length Breaking Dawn Part 2 trailer will be released this Saturday, September the 8th!
There's no official confirmation on this just yet, but with just over two months until the film's release, and only teaser-trailers so far, it's looking very likely! Also, Part 1's trailer was released on Sept. 14th last year, so the timing seems right...
Keep an eye on this blog for updates :)

Are you excited?

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  1. Should be interesting. Its not like they need to "sell" this movie too much, so I wonder if they'll even bother putting the good stuff in the trailer.

    I'm rereading the series as a buildup to the last movie, and I'd love some feedback from the community if you guys can spare a minute. Archive is here: