Wednesday, August 8, 2012

New Breaking Dawn Part 2 Images in EW's Fall Movie Preview Issue!

Not only did EW release a new Breaking Dawn Part 2 still of Bella and Renesmee as a teaser for their upcoming Fall 'Movie Preview' issue, but last night they treated us a preview of the cover  - which features yet another still - this time of Edward and Bella in their meadow. (aww)
And, thanks to the ever amazing Spunk Ransom, we also have screencaps of more stills which were shown on Entertainment Tonight last night!.

Last years Fall Movie Preview also featured great stills and interviews from Breaking Dawn Part 1, so this issue will almost certainly not disappoint! The issue will also have an exclusive interview with Director Bill Condon, where he speaks about the recent Robsten drama. You can read a preview over at EW by clicking here.

Check out the images below!  (click to make bigger!)

New Still


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