Thursday, August 2, 2012

Kristen Stewart lands a new role in "Lie Down in Darkness"
(And it's one she really wanted!!)

It's not all bad news for Kristen Stewart right now!

According to, she has landed a leading role in the film adaptation of William Styron's 1951 novel 'Lie Down In Darkness'.

Kristen had expressed an interest in playing the books main character, Peyton Loftis, in Elle Magazine's June 2012 issue by saying;
"Have you ever read Lie Down in Darkness? ... I want to play Peyton more than anything I can possibly taste or touch in my life. I want to play her so bad.
Peyton is bright, beautiful, suicidal narcissist, preyed upon by her father ... Oh, dude, she f**kin' loves it! She's in love with him. I mean, I think she's in love with him. It's not his fault. They're the most f**ked up family! ... There's a script adaptation I've read, and it's good ... Two people vying for the part of the father are Daniel Day-Lewis and Colin Firth. Daniel would be perfect."
Vulture reports that production is expected to pick sometime this fall or winter. There is no news yet on whether this could affect her work on Cali with Nick Cassavetes.

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