Monday, December 19, 2011

Nick Frost Talks Kristen & ‘Snow White and The Huntsman’

Frost said he was drawn to the project because of another unconventional choice in Rupert Sanders as its director.
“I think what interested me about Snow White was the fact that Rupert Sanders, who directs it, had never directed a feature before,” Frost explained. “That’s exciting! I mean, Jesus Christ, you’ve got a big budget – Thor’s in it, for God’s sake, and Charlize, and then you’ve got Ray and Bob and Ian. It was interesting for me to see how he would do this.”

Frost indicated that the dwarves brought some levity to the film, but said that he was excited to watch Stewart’s transformation into a more empowered Snow White.
“We’ve seen ten or fifteen minutes of it on set, and it’s great,” he revealed. “It’s very gothic, and I think the dwarves try to bring a little comedy into it, and there’s heart to it, and Kristen Stewart’s great as Snow White. On the one hand, she’s fragile, and you want to kind of give her a cuddle. But on the other hand, she wears armour, and wields a sword like any warrior. I like that, and I think that’s quite unique, really, that you can do that. She can, on one hand, be one thing, and literally on the flip of a coin she can turn into this other thing. So I think it should be pretty good – I’d like to think it’s going to be pretty good, anyway.”

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