Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Access Hollywood interviews Ashley and Jackson:
"Rob Ruined the Wedding Scene!"

Rob’s ‘Breaking Dawn’ co-stars reveal the major rule he broke while filming the big wedding scene with Kristen.
We all know we’re supposed to silence our cell phones during a movie, so you’d think a major movie star would do the same while filming a movie. But in a new interview with Access Hollywood, Ashley Greene and Jackson Rathbone reveal that Robert Pattinson forgot to turn off his ringtone — and it went off in the middle of filming the Breaking Dawn wedding! ”[Bella's] going up to Edward, she’s about to do the vows, then suddenly… ring, ring, ring!” Jackson recalls. “Someone’s cell phone goes off.”

“I think it might have been Rob’s,” Ashley suggests, to which Jackson confirms, “It was Rob’s.”

But it sounds like everybody had a good laugh, as Jackson says the whole thing was “hysterical.”

And like Ashley says, Rob’s “the only one who could get away with it.”

Watch the full Access Hollywood interview with Ashley and Jackson below:


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