Sunday, September 18, 2011

Lily Collins:
Kristen Stewart Is “Perfect” for Snow White!

You know how the media loves a good rivalry? Well they really seem to be enjoying the fact that we're gonna have two Snow Whites, and finally, Lily Collins is sharing her thoughts as reported by E!Online.

Looks like Lily Collins isn’t shaking in her Snow White shoes.
Well, not yet at least. 

Even though she’s going toe-to-toe with a franchise heavyweight (that’d be Kristen Stewart, of course), Lily seems to be down for the fight. So what kind of intimidating trash talk did Lil have for K.Stew when she chatted with Teen Vogue recently?

Nada, of course. In fact, Lily seems excited for Snow White and the Huntsman.

“I think the audience may very well enjoy seeing two different versions,” Lily dished to the mag. “And I think that Kristen is perfect for hers.”

We’ll see if she’s singing that same sweet tune when the box-office dollars are counted.

Read the final part of her interview over at E! Online.

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