Monday, July 11, 2011

Hotel used in "Twilight" Burned in Fire

Remember this scene?
How could we forget!

Well, today we have some very sad news about the building used to host Bella and Edward's Prom - Hotel View Point Inn

Unfortunately it was almost completely destroyed yesterday by a fire which started on the roof and spread rapidly. 

It appears that the second floor is now basically non-existent, and almost nothing was left standing. It is also unclear as to whether it will be possible to reconstruct the building because the structure has been so badly damaged.

See more details below:

"The inn's owners said two people walking around the back of the inn first spotted the flames and ran inside to alert employees.
The two people were fans of the Twilight movie.
Part of the popular movie was filmed at the inn and movie fans often stop by to visit, the owners said.
Investigators said sparks from the chimney that landed on the cedar shake roof started the fire. Staff members tried to put the fire out with a garden hose, but were not successful.

The View Point Inn is located near Vista House in the Columbia River Gorge.
The owners told KATU they have insurance, but aren't sure what all it will cover.
They had recently filed for bankruptcy and aren't sure how they'll be able to carry on.

"I love the inn, but I can't do it by myself anymore," said co-owner Geoff Thompson. "If Oregon wants this inn and if people want this inn, everybody's going to have to join in and save it because I just can't do it my myself."

The fire burned through the roof and did extensive damage to the second floor.

"It just went up in smoke, and what was strange is it started low on the roof. It was not up at the top at all," said co-owner Angelo Simione.

The inn was built in 1924 as a stop along the old Columbia Gorge Highway. It's on the National Register of Historic Places and once hosted President Franklin Roosevelt."


  1. Fans should start sending in donations.

  2. Nooooooo! That's so sad :'(
    First, Forks High Facade gets pulled down, now this?
    Wish i'd had a chance to visit it before it happened :(