Tuesday, July 5, 2011

FAMOUS (AU): Rob & The Director's Daughter - "How She Stole Him"

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The headline made me roll my eyes and now after having read the article, my face contorted into a massive cringe. So read at your own peril!

FAMOUS say that RPattz has been quoted in interviews getting all deep & meaningful about love and breaking up with Kristen. Right then. Now. Tell me: which' interview/s? Date? With who? in print or video?

The tweets from Cait.. I'm sorry, I'm a little confused. How does her tweets connect herself to Rob exactly? Seriously, she could be talking about ANYTHING or ANYONE!

I laughed out loud when I read this "As the evidence mounts, Twlight fans are struggling to come to terms with the reality that their beloved Robsten are done forever" FAMOUS must have Rita Skeeter on the payroll :P Honestly, what us Twilight fans are REALLY struggling to come to terms with, is how FAMOUS gets away with printing these articles riddled with questionable sources (and that's putting it politely!).

~ Mel (OzTwilightTwit)


  1. So much fail! And omg are they crediting you guys?? ROTFL! I really wish i lived in Australia so i could burn up all those stupid mags at once. RAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. It's uber FAIL!! I'm embarrassed by some of the stuff they print! I hate buying the Mag & giving them my money, but it's just hilarious! I buy it so you guys don't have to :P I'm planning to have a bonfire at the end of the year - wanna come to Australia then?