Thursday, June 2, 2011

MTV Movie Awards Host Jason Sudeikis: Secret 'Twilight' Expert?

From MTV's Hollywood Crush:

"We think Jason Bateman's a pretty cool dude. In fact, your Hollywood Crush editor may have had her own crush on him as far back as "The Hogan Family" (look it up, kids, it's a real thing). All that being said, as hip and happening as Mr. Bateman is, there seems to be one (very big) blind spot on his pop-culture radar: "The Twilight Saga."

You see, during last night's Sneak Peek Week event with "Horrible Bosses" crew Jason Sudeikis, Jason Bateman and director Seth Gordon, the very cheeky @RobPattzNews sent in this question: 

"Can the two Jasons top the Bella and Edward kiss from #Eclipse?? said ANYTHING.. #SPW." 
To which Jason B responded, "What is that?"


Thank goodness our MTV Movie Awards host Jason S was there to set him straight. What follows is one of the most hilarious synopses I've heard of Stephenie Meyer's magnum opus in a while. Trust me: just click play on the clip above.

The MTV Movie Awards air Sunday, June 5 at 9/8 C.

How accurate do you think Jason Sudeikis' explanation is?"

For those of us unlucky enough to; 

A: Be outside of the US, and 
B: May even have to stay up until 3am to watch the awards show; 

cullens-news has a list of livestreams that you can watch... Check it out!
and be ready... it's 3 days until the show... *Squeal*

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