Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy Birthday, Edward Cullen!

Dear Edward. (We know you're reading this)

Happy Birthday! We know you were born in 1901, but you don't look a day over 17! ;)

We were wondering what we could get for someone who has lived over a century and probably already has everything he could ever want...

We were going to buy you a car, but you kinda have expensive taste so we decided against that...

We then tried to catch a mountain lion for you, but we got scared away...
Not all of us have those super sharp fangs ;)

 We also thought that maybe you'd like a new piano....

but again, it's REALLY expensive!

So the only thing we can do, is offer our warmest wishes... oh, and this mountain-lion birthday cake!

Now all you need to do, is relax and enjoy your day, by listening to some Debussy, climbing a few trees, maybe try catching some mountain lions yourself, and then lie around in a flowery meadow with the wifey before breaking some beds... ;)

But for us humans, all we can do is look at the pretty....
Hope Bella doesn't mind ;)




With love,
From all of us at ITS xo

Make sure to leave him your own birthday love in the comments below :) 


  1. ummm not to be mean or anything but i think you're kinda stalkerish and u just need to get a life and where in the hell did u get all of this this must've taken you at least a month to finish this whole thing

  2. Hahaha right... well thanks for your opinion :)
    I actually used google... took about 20 minutes, plus, it's not stalking when its a fictional character ;)