Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Jackson Rathbone Cast in ‘The Idiot’


Collider has some Jackson Rathbone news this week as a result of the Cannes Film Festival.
It reports that Jackson has been cast in a book-to-movie adaptation of "The Idiot", a story about a man with a pure spirit who gets caught up in corrupt society. Here's the book-synopsis from Amazon:

In The Idiot, the saintly Prince Myshkin returns to Russia from a Swiss sanatorium
and finds himself a stranger in a society obsessed with wealth, power, and sexual
conquest. He soon becomes entangled in a love triangle with a notorious kept
woman, Nastasya, and a beautiful young girl, Aglaya. Extortion and scandal
escalate to murder, as Dostoevsky’s “positively beautiful man” clashes with the
emptiness of a society that cannot accommodate his innocence and moral idealism.

According to Collider: 
"Jackson Rathbone and Erika Christensen have signed on to star in the feature adaptation of the Fyodor Dostoyevsky novel The Idiot. The thriller centers on “a man of pure spirit who thinks he can save the world but is caught between a wildly beautiful and fragile woman, a woman he is falling in love with and a friend who is trying to destroy him.” Variety reports Paul Williams will direct with an eye toward a September shoot in Los Angeles. Donald Kushner (Tron: Legacy) will produce. Intandem Films is currently shopping the package to buyers at the Cannes Film Festival."

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