Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Breaking Dawn - Parts 1 and 2 are finally wrapped!

According to Jackson Rathbone, the last few shots that needed to be done on The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn were completed last night.
Jackson, Peter, Ashley and Kellan had all returned to Canada a few days ago to finish up their work, while Kristen and Rob ventured to the Virgin Islands to finish their last portion of filming.

Now, they're all done (except, of course, for director Bill Condon, editor Virginia Katz, score composer Carter Burwell, the CGI team, and the rest of the post-production crew; they've no doubt got a long road ahead). Here's what some of the castmembers had to say about the end on Twitter.

Jackson Rathbone (today): 
Picture wrapped last night on Breaking Dawn parts 1&2... Thanks to all the cast and crew for the good times! What a wonderful ride!

Ashley Greene (last night): 
And that - is a wrap!

Peter Facinelli (last night): 
Just wrapped Breaking Dawn. Its been a long ride. Am I happy or sad? The hat says it all. 

Production on Breaking Dawn began as early as November for some of the cast and crew (starting with the Brazil shoots) and has waged on through until last night. Both films were made at the same time, and production locations used throughout the process included Brazil, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Vancouver and Squamish, British Columbia, and St. Thomas of the Virgin Islands.
So, that's a wrap! Does it make you sad? Happy? Excited?
At least the new Breaking Dawn stills that came out today has taken a bit of the sadness away!

If you'd like a better round-up of Breaking Dawns production, check out the Twilight Examiner's Breaking Dawn's need-to-knows article!


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