Thursday, March 24, 2011

Wendell Pierce: Have We Found J.Jenks?

Last October, Summit released a list of actors who were going to portray supporting role characters in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, including Wendell Pierce, of the hit HBO series "Treme".

(Note: Ty Olsson has since been revealed as Bella's stepfather, "Phil Dwyer," for the films; that character was portrayed briefly by Matt Bushell in 2008's Twilight).

Early speculation on Pierce's involvement in Breaking Dawn pegged him as the character "Max," the assistant to "J. Jenks" who greets the newly-vamped Bella on the street, and that thought may not be far from the mark.

Wendell Pierce has been interviewed by Rolling Stone about the second season of Treme, and in that interview, he explained a bit about his character in Breaking Dawn.

"I am not a werewolf, and I am not a vampire. I am actually one of the few human beings in the movie."

That statement certainly narrows it down a bit. There are only a few supporting characters in Breaking Dawn the book who are humans - the two who gush over Bella's Mercedes Guardian in the beginning, a handful of wedding guests, the staff at Isle Esme, and, of course, Max and J. Jenks.

So, given his statement, which human do you see Wendell Pierce as in Breaking Dawn?

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  1. It's been awhile since I read Breaking Dawn, but I've always imagined J. Jenks to be a gangly white man.

    He could be Jenk'