Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Rob on the cover of Playgirl UK

Irish peeps - it's available in your local Easons ;)

From our friends at Robsessed: ""Playgirl UK" is a new magazine(this is the first issue) and unlike it's US counterpart it does NOT have any nudity!

According to InPublishing "A survey conducted on behalf of Playgirl amongst women aged 18-40 found that women are not interested in looking at ‘men's bits’ and would rather look at a man's chest or eyes"

We at ITS would vehemently like to disregard this survey and call for a recount!!!!! ;)


  1. What is a playgirl without nekkid men?!


  2. Hmm yes imma a bit confuzzled :/

    Did they ask woman.. w/ eyeballs??