Monday, March 7, 2011

NW Mag (AU): R-Patz: "My Relationship with K-Stew is Traumatic!"

Really? Where's the WHOLE quote then??? or did you guys take it out of context yet again...

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  1. Traumatic?
    Seriously? Where did they get that quote from? Robs NEVER said anything but nice things about her!
    I honestly hope people do lose interest in them after Breaking Dawn cause there's new rumors every day. It must get so annoying.
    Dont know why Rob and Kris dont sue mags like this. Maybe they'd even manage to get them shut down! All they do is print lies!
    you should email their reps with all the scans you have on the blog. You could start a Robsten-revolution! LOL

    Love the blog ladies. Thanks for giving me a giggle with this one (and a chance to give out!)
    Mel x