Friday, February 25, 2011

Jacob Black's house is being prepared for 'Breaking Dawn' filming

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"Today after work I took a drive by Jacob Black's House and saw preparations being done for filming.

Jacob Black House for Breaking Dawn

Here are some photos from just a few hours ago of Jacob Black's House. 
They have added the fire wood, boat buoys, the Black mailbox and other details.

Jacob Black's 'garage' for Breaking Dawn

Props added to the Jacob Black Breaking Dawn Set

There is no ocean nearby this actual location, so it's funny when they add boats, crab traps (which they did for the previous two movies) and all the boating and fishing props. They seem so obviously out of place, but perfect touches for the movies.

The Black mail box added outside

A closer look at the Black Mailbox

This is very exciting to see. There were several set designers hard at work laying everything out in preparations for filming. Like most sets, days, if not weeks of preparation are done prior to filming. Often this part of the film making process takes just as long or longer than the filming itself.

Fans who wish to go see the Jacob Black house to take photos of the lil red house, I encourage you to go before or after filming because with New Moon and Eclipse filming they blocked the entire street off so you could not see the actual house. 

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