Saturday, February 5, 2011

Carter Burwell Confirms That 'Renesmee's Lullaby' Is Now Written, and Robert Pattinson Will Play It On Screen!!

This is so exciting!

Carter Burwell, the composer who scored "Twilight", and is now scoring "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn", has just confirmed that he has completed writing Renesmee’s Lullaby.

Not only that, but he also confirmed that Robert Pattinson will be playing it on-screen! 

Taken from Carter’s "What is New?" Section on his Official Website:

"And he just wrote “Renesmee’s Lullaby” for Twilight Breaking Dawn 2, which Rob Pattinson will play on camera. The film will be released in November 2012."

Carter also Tweeted the news:
So, are you excited? I know I am! *squeal*
I can't wait to see Edward play the piano for his daughter!!

I want more of this:

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