Thursday, January 27, 2011

Scan: OK! USA - Rob & Kristen Can't Hide Their Love

Click to make the scan bigger, and read!
Robsten in OK! USA - Please Source Irish Twilight Sisters if you use this scan.

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  1. Ok i didnt see any cuddling that night. In fact, i thought Kristen was acting weird with Rob? He looked like a lost puppy trying to connect with her lol that's probably just my perception though. Maybe they'd had an argument or something?
    I definitely didn't think they were crying out "Yes, we're in love". Okay, the picture they show is cute (gorgeous, actually!!) and they look happy, but they were laughing at something on stage lol everyone looks happy like that!

    I just have to say that it really annoys me that even though they havent confirmed anything -ever- , magazines go ahead and print stuff like this. I dont know how they get away with it!
    I'd love them to be together, but until they tell us, i can't get excited!
    Hope nobody freaks out at me over this! Its just my opinion.
    Anyway, i love the blog, sorry for my rant!
    Keep it up, you guys have had so much news this week!
    Mel x