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Robert Pattinson's ‘Bel Ami’ stunt double talks about Rob

Thanks to Veronika from Rob Pattinson Career, we have a translated version of an interview with Robert Pattinson's Bel Ami stunt double, Eszes Szabolcs.
He talks about a lot of experiences from the set, as well as working with Rob and his co-stars!
The original article can be seen here.

Eszes Szabolcs really looks like the worlds most beautiful man Robert Pattinson, who is famous for his role of Edward from The Twilight Saga.

The actor recently filmed his upcoming movie here, in which Szabolcs was his stunt double.

– I read the [Twilight] books and watched all the movies, but that's all. I went to the casting not because of Robert Pattinson. I thought it will be an exciting experience for me as an actor to play in a film like this (He is an actor is Hungary, mainly plays in theatres ~ Veronika), even if only an extra. Finally that turned out a completely different thing.

– Lots of people came to the auditions. One of my friends were wondering how we could be ahead of the long line. We walked in the hallway when a man coming from the opposite direction just took a look at me and he was suprised how much similarity is between me and Robert. As later we found out he was the casting manager. We went in and they asked if I had any experience as an actor, and they gave me a smaller role in the movie. I became Robert's dream. This may sound a bit weird, but in the story there is one part when I meet Robert (Georges), I'm a rich guy, while he's poor. He sees himself in me, and decides he'll become like me. I also got this role because I am the same size as Robert, so it will look good in the movie if he really can see himself in me. Our heads were the one thing that were not the same, because his hat was too big for me. But the size of our clothes completely matched.

– In the film there are many famous actors and actresses. Uma Thurman, Christina Ricci and Kristin Scott Thomas also play in it. They are big names in the film industry. The shooting wasn't that easy the first few days. It was very cold outside to shoot. There were a lot of fans waiting to catch a glimpse of Robert, they were able to stand whole day on Andrássy street freezing. At first I couldn't even speak with Rob, 'cause he was stressed because of the crowd. An actor is a human as well. During filming actors make a lot of mistakes in the text or they get the whole scene bad. When we were filming the indoor scenes he was much more relaxed. He came up to me and we talked. He asked me who I was and how long was I acting.

Uma Thurman completely enchanted me. We had a scene we filmed in Tihany (it's a beautiful countryside with a lake and some hills and fields around ~ Veronika). After the shooting we prepared to go back to the capital, but she [Uma] asked for a little time before leaving. I was curious what she wanted, so I watched her. She went back to the Balaton lake-side, because she wanted to take some flowers as souvenirs. Since this is a costume drama, Uma was wearing a big black dress. Adorable. She is very down-to-earth and funny. She did not act like a superstar. She had only one problem. She didn't like the cottage-cheese dumpling she ate one day. In the very last shooting day she invited me to the crew-party where Robert's girlfriend, Kristen Stewart, also attended. When I met her, she just pointed to me, and said, "OMG, you really look like Robert!" Of course in english. That was all about meeting her.

*No drama plz, I know a lot of ppl don't think this guy looks like Rob as the article claims - nor me lol - , but everybody can have their own opinion. If you use just this, pls credit - it took me a lot of time to make my first longer hungarian-english translation :) And sorry for the mistakes.*

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