Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Rob is #4 in GQ's "Britain's Best-Dressed Men" List

Robert Pattinson has made it to number 4 on GQ’s Best-Dressed list!

"If you take a look at this year’s Best-Dressed List you will swiftly spot that there are no hard and fast rules as to what particular look will do the job for today’s gentleman.
From Savile Row to streetwear, 2011′s pick of the bunch habitually sports a vast range of different looks. And quite right, too.
Like GQ itself, this list is all about expressing the best a man can be, rather than sticking to a strict party line. What unites this year's fabulous 50 is an innate sense of style and the confidence to believe that, for the favoured few, it is the man who makes the clothes." ~ GQ UK

The top 50 also includes racing driver Jenson Button (9), British rapper Tinie Tempah (15), Sir Elton John (21), Ray Winstone (28), Jude Law (29), music producer Mark Ronson (34), Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch at 41 and artist David Hockney at 47.

The TOP 30
  1. Aaron Johnson
  2. Douglas Booth
  3. Nicholas Hoult
  4. Robert Pattinson
  5. Prince Harry
  6. David Furnish
  7. Tom Ford
  8. Alex James
  9. Jenson Button
  10. Bill Nighy
  11. David Walliams
  12. Matt Smith
  13. Dominic Cooper
  14. Patrick Grant
  15. Tinie Tempah
  16. David Beckham
  17. David Gandy
  18. Adrien Sauvage
  19. George Lamb
  20. David Cameron
  21. Sir Elton John
  22. Ben Barnes
  23. Theo Hutchcraft of Hurts
  24. Tom Hardy
  25. William Gilchrist
  26. Romeo Beckham
  27. Prince William
  28. Ray Winstone
  29. Jude Law
  30. Jarvis Cocker

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