Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Nikki Reed spotted Skiing

During her holiday-break, Nikki Reed was spotted out skiing with her family, and was kind enough to pose for a picture.
Here's what the lucky fans said about her:

"I was in Big Sky, Montana for the holiday to ski with my family and some friends. We were in a place on the site called "Base Camp" where you can sign up for any activities that are offered at Big Sky.
By a HUGE stroke of luck, my sister, our two friends and I ran into Nikki Reed!
She was in there getting her ski lift ticket. I'm normally a really shy person and was scared that I was mistaken and it was not her and would not go up to her, but my sister and friends encouraged me to since this was a once in a lifetime chance!
She was so incredibly nice and seemed truly excited when we asked to take a picture with her. She was there skiing with her brother and dad. It was really such a cool experience I’m so happy I could meet her!!!"

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