Friday, January 14, 2011

**UPDATED** New set Pictures from the Water for Elephants re-shoots!

Updated - even MORE pictures of Rob and Reese as they take a break from shooting. (Rob is looking hot!)
Thanks to
RPLife for the tip!
Click each picture for HQ.

See the original post after the break:

*Original Post*
New Set pictures have surfaced from day one of the WFE reshoots! (click to make 'em bigger!)
Yesterday, Director Francis Lawrence tweeted saying;
"Just shooting a couple little additions and a surprise for the end!!! We're almost done. Couldn't be happier."

If you (like me) were worried about Rob shaving off his hair (sob, we can't have an Edward Cullen without his messy bronze locks!), never fear!
According to, "There was some (a lot) of concern on Twitter about the state of Robowski’s hair. Tis true the wild, bronze locks of Edward Cullen are not a match to Jacob Jankowski. We put the question to Set Soldier Kelli and she responded;

“His hair looks like Jacob…not Edward”


We'll post more pics if/when we get them :)

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