Friday, October 8, 2010

Fan Pics of Lizzy Pattinson & family from her gig tonight

 AngelBar1 with Lizzy Pattinson
 Clare Pattinson with Angelbar1
 Mr. & Mrs Pattinson
 Richard and Angelabar1
Angelbar1 and Lizzy 
Lizzy on stage

Thanks so much to Angelbar1 for sharing these lovely pics with us. She told us the Pattinson clan are lovely. Mr.Pattinson asked if she had seen 'Remember Me' - he thought it was a great film and he got to meet Pierce Brosnan. The gig was great with Lizzy singing a cover of Black Velvet and talking about her upcoming single with BeatBullyz (which we promoted some time ago). Angelbar1 says Lizzy is absolutely beautiful (they are a gorgeous family.) Angelbar1's fave song of Lizzy's below - Rob's dad told her it was filmed in South Africa. 

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