Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Rob appears on the Ellen show

Robert Pattinson was in the studio with Ellen Degeneres today filming an episode of her talk show. He showed off 'the haircut heard 'round the world' and chatted with Ellen about Eclipse, Water for Elephants and his ballet moves. The episode airs tomorrow so be sure to tune in and watch it.

There were several Tweeters in the audience who shared some juicy deets! Read on for some sneak peeks and find more at Robert Pattinson Life.

@letter2twilight: Probs my fave tidbit of info was rob telling us he took ballet till be was 10. Then he realized he was a boy.

@letter2twilight: Ellen asked him about dancing & he got nervous he thought she had a video of him dancing even thou he didn't know where shed get one.

@m_carina: No kristen questions were asked.he did say he got headlice thats why he cut his hair but he was just kidding

@m_carina: But seriously Rob's hair! Omfg wow soo HOT just sex hair lol

I can't wait to watch this! Rob looks uh-mazing! And his hair... I love it. What do you guys think?


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