Saturday, May 15, 2010

Eclipse merch available for pre-order on

Hot Topic has posted oodles of new Eclipse merchandise on their website. It is available starting May 15th (today-go!)and should arrive "on or around 6/4." Plenty of time to grab some gear for the premiere, folks!

Hot Topic has everything from clothes, to jewelery to band-aids (just in case Jasper is around).

Of course, there's plenty of Team Edward, Team Jacob and even some Team Switzerland gear. Jazz and Emmett are representing as well! There's even a tee for the Leah fans out there.

Hot has a replica of Bella's Engagement ring. Bella's charm bracelet, complete with the wolf charm from Jacob and the diamond from Edward is available for pre-order as well.

So what will you be pre-ordering? What do you think of the Hot Topic's version of Engagement Ring? Anything you have to have for June 3oth?

Anyone else saddened by the severe lack of Team Carlisle stuff?


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