Sunday, May 23, 2010

Competition Results - Winners

Thanks to everyone for sending in your favourite 'Robert Pattinson' pictures. The competition was to celebrate 3 things - Our 1000th post, Robert Pattinsons 24th Birthday and reaching over 3000 followers on Twitter. Going through all the entries made us realise how hard it is to choose just one favourite picture. It was a tough job to pick the winners but we struggled through close to 200 entries (it's a tough job but someone has to do it)....Anna and I got that splendid task as Lorri is away and Mel is asleep at the moment (she is on Aussie time & was exhausted after her earlier epic post - see Eclipse cards)...

So here are the winning pictures (Click to enlarge)
and the list of winners names (twitter name if supplied.)

Winners names (not in order of photos)

@ago2911 - Argentina
@uhwii - Germany
@ResdSoxGirl - USA
@SpunkFuzz - Ireland
@Daph_ - The Netherlands
@MissKaylaKay93 - USA
@twigirlfan - USA
@rmlily - United Kingdom
@xRespectRobsten - Cyprus
@Tyler_Cull3n - Australia

Special mention must be given to these pics as they were the close runner ups....(click to enlarge)

And to this gem, for which there are no words (click to um...enlarge) .... Dali never looked so good. (Little Ashes) 

This is what Anna said after she went through the pictures : "If you'll excuse me, I need to find some aloe for my burns-my panties have spontaneously combusted." - The Rob Effect - LOL

Once again, thank you for your continuing support and we look forward to bringing you many more competitions and great prizes in the future.

Winners please note: You will also be contacted by email - confirming your prize. Prizes will be sent by general mail in the next few weeks.

Be Safe

Bee & Anna
and on behalf of
Lorri & Mel

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  1. I'm awake now!! :) Congratulations to the winners!!! The entries were shit-you-not-hot-baby and I'm lucky I carry spare underwear :P