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Daily Record interview with Robert Pattinson - Full of FAIL

The Daily Record seems to have thrown together an 'Interview' from various quotes from Rob from the past year or so. 

From Daily Record

HIS new film is called Remember Me - but rising star Robert Pattinson says even diehard Twilight fans don't always recognise his face. Few movie actors are hotter right now than the hunky Londoner. The first two films in the Twilight Saga took in more than a billion dollars and are a worldwide sensation. But, according to Robert, you could be standing next to him and not even know it.

Last Christmas he was shopping in a record store, surrounded by Twilight fans buying DVDs and posters with his face on them, but no one realised he was beside them. He said: "The other night I went out to have dinner in a London pub and the barmaid had this whole conversation saying, 'You look just like that guy from Twilight.' "Every time she came up, she said something like, 'You literally could be his brother.' But she never put two and two together.''

Since being bitten by the acting bug, Twilight star Robert has been cutting his teeth on a role that melts millions of teenage hearts. Now he's set to return to cinemas in a very different role, a tale of love and loss called Remember Me.

Robert shot the movie during a break between the first and second Twilight films.
He plays a young New Yorker consumed by anger over his brother's death. He has a difficult relationship with his lawyer father Pierce Brosnan. But, off screen, Robert says the former Bond has been showing him how to cope with film fame. Brosnan took him out for dinner and they were clocked by fans.
Robert said: "They didn't know who I was but knew him. Pierce went up to them and introduced himself. It worked fantastically because no one treated him like a sideshow attraction any more."

If Robsessive fans swooned over his shirtless displays as Edward Cullen in Twilight, they will be racing to see Remember Me. Robert has his first movie nude scene with co-star Emilie de Ravin, from Lost, but he wasn't scared. He said: "As soon as you're standing naked in front of everyone, you don't care. It's quite liberating."
 (I've seen the movie - you dont actually get to see Rob naked, more's the pity ~ B)

There are some things that still bring a blush to Robert's cheeks - he says he would rather die than show you his dancing. He added: "I used to dance all the time till I was 16 and at a wedding. I was going nuts on the dance floor. "Eventually my dad said, 'What are you doing?' And I've never been able to get that out of my head."

Since Twilight, Robert has been slowly adjusting to fame and a vast fortune. He has turned down ad endorsement offers, fashion show invitations and, reportedly, even the offer of a record contract from Simon Cowell - Robert composed and sang two songs on the first Twilight soundtrack and has been playing piano since he was five. The star doesn't want to insult pals who are broke by showing off his wealth - so his only extravagance has been a top-of-the-range guitar.

Robert has come a long way since he was unemployed in London and living in a grubby little flat. But he could argue he's paid his dues by coping with disappointments. He was cast as Reese Witherspoon's son in Vanity Fair - and only found out while watching the movie that his performance had been chopped out of the final film.

Robert claims he only got the part of Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire because the same casting director was working on that picture - and felt guilty for dropping him from Vanity Fair.
And when he landed a role in a play called The Woman Before on London's West End, he was replaced with another actor shortly before opening night.

Robert has also had to deal with keen interest in his relationship with Twilight co-star Kristen Stewart.
The pair kept everyone guessing until the Baftas this year, when they came out as a couple.
He is still shy about discussing his 19-year-old girlfriend.

When asked what he looks for in a woman, he joked: "Money - and an unbelievable amount of patience."
Kristen has both - but it's also been rumoured that other famous women have been circling for a bite of Robert. While he says it's all rubbish, he admits he is so loved up at the moment that maybe he doesn't "even realise they're doing it". (Did i miss a memo or something? Yeah right, Rob said this - sure *Insert sarcasm*  ~ B) 
Kristen and Robert certainly have a powerful chemistry together onscreen and the couple will be facing off once more when Eclipse, the next Twilight movie, comes out in June.

After that, the studio hopes to shoot the fourth book and there have been rumours the final novel will be split into two films. Robert said: "People have been asking me about Breaking Dawn. I honestly don't mind if it's two movies. "They're great fun to work on and people really like them. I could do them for a while - I just don't think I'm going to look 17 for very much longer."

At 24, he can still convincingly play the teen vampire but Robert knows that, unlike Edward Cullen, his youth won't last forever. And he's determined to leave his mark while he can. That's why he's trying to stretch his screen roles, hoping movies like Remember Me will help you remember him after he's hung up his fangs for good. (Firstly, he is 23 and secondly the vamps in Twilight dont have fangs). 
He said: "Twilight fans are so devoted, even fanatical, that I'm now able to do so many films."
Robert has already been busy filming Unbound Captives, with Hugh Jackman, a Western in which he will mostly speak Comanche. (Has not started filming UC yet)

(Before that....~ B) After that, he plays his first bad guy in a movie called Bel Ami, also starring Uma Thurman and Christina Ricci. He said: "A lot of the women are attracted to my character. "Then he kind of screws them over and steals their money, which is quite funny compared to what I consider to be the nobility of Edward Cullen."

Remember Me is in cinemas from Friday. (Oh look they got something right ~ B) 

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