Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Robert mentioned in Vampire Diaries review...

I don't normally post this kind of thing but this review made me laugh out loud.... Enjoy... 

From Metro - "A little bit schlock horror, a little bit teen soap, this latest addition to the neck-chomper genre couldn’t help but suffer in comparison to the Cajun raunch of True Blood.

In The Vampire Diaries it took a good 30 minutes for the token slutty one to end up on the wrong end of a nice pair of fangs. True Blood would have eaten her up and spat her out in a matter of seconds.

Advance word has it that The Vampire Diaries warms up a few episodes in, when the saturnine Damon – Lost’s Ian Somerhalder – gets into his stride as the evil brother.

To be honest, his opposition, the simpering Stefan, who looks like he’s been constructed from RPattz’s leftover eyeshadow, doesn’t look capable of putting up much of a fight. 

Thanks to @clarewhill for the tip

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