Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Heat Mag Win or Fail - Rob Spotted in Belfast & with Black Eye plus other scans

So this was one of the dreaded 'paparazzi' pics from last week's horror pursuit of Robert Pattinson. I cut most of the picture out because I refuse to post those awful pictures. However, Heat magazine are claiming he had a black eye and ripped jacket...Not sure if they are joking or not. He had dark circles under his eyes which look like they've been photoshopped in to me. Anyway he didnt have a black eye according to the many other rags and sites that printed these pics so im going with Fail on Heat for this one. 

I'm 99% sure Robert Pattinson has been in LA / US these past couple of weeks so being spotted in Belfast once again proves he can indeed apparate ala his old character Cedric Diggory. Not the first time for Heat to spot him somewhere he wasn't. FAIL

Twilight New Moon wins readers poll in Heat for Best Film before it was even released - WIN
Robert wins best film performance for New Moon, again before the film was released so another WIN. He also gets a mention for Best Hair (3rd) and Best Couple (Bella & Edward 4th) 

Please source Irish Twilight Sisters if you repost all / part of this article. 

I don't like tagging pictures but I will if people continue to not source us when they post. 
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  1. Ty for clearing this up! Your source showed up when i googled whether or not he'd been spotted in belfast! If i thought he'd been in my city and i didnt know i wud have gone nuts :P
    Fail heat... picture or it didnt happen!