Friday, November 13, 2009

Ok Magazine Australia "Kristen tweets & Robert dated Emilie de Ravin" - Fail

  • "Hectic week, Need time to relax and rewind" - Kristen TWEETED (Note to Ok! - Do your research - Kristen Stewart DOES NOT have a Twitter account, ~Bee)
  • Kristen & Rob sent to different sides of the world for promo tour but REUNITED in romantic Paris.

  • Kristen Stewart reveals to OK! - that her emotions have found no limits. (~Bee reveals to Ok! - You're full of crap)
  • Kristen has engaged fans in a guessing game as to what is going on in her actual love life. 
  • Kristen remains tight-lipped about any goings on while Rob laughs the rumours aside and insists he finds it hard to get an actual date. 

  • Ok Mag - Any truth to those rumours, that don't stop, about you and Robert?  Kristen - Maybe Bella would rather die than be without him but i'm not like that.

~Bee - I havent the time or energy to synopsise this rehashed, taken from other interviews, nonsense. Click to enlarge the scans and read it for yourself. Major BS warning. 



Please source Irish Twilight Sisters if you repost all / part of this article. 
Thanks to our australian correspondent @OzTwilightTwit for the scans xoxo

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