Thursday, November 19, 2009

OK! Mag(Australia): New Moon Rises & So does their rep for fiction!

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  • Nothing new here – lots of fans from all ages (including Granny’s) screaming the most when the holy trinity arrived (Rob, Kristen and Taylor). OK Mag being OK Mag *rolls eyes* actually stated that Rob “begun to introduce Kristen as his girlfriend” You really expect us to believe that? Ryan Seacrest was ‘cut off’ when he asked the question (it’s ironic that a paragraph before, you mentioned this incident) *shakes head*
  • Interesting to note though, that the online ticket sales for New Moon already surpassed Star Wars Episode III, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince and The Dark Knight! – WOW!
  • At the after-party, Kristen and Rob kept to themselves spending most of the night in the VIP area and left early (separately) but ‘apparently’ hooked up later at the Chateau Marmont.
  • Mentioned Rachelle LeFevre’s tweet about being a no show on at the premiere.
So in Love?
I would LOVE to know where OK Mag get their quotes or who/what their sources are because after reading this small paragraph, I’m convinced they have a bingo machine in the basement where each ball has random quotes – run the machine, pop some balls and walla -You have a story albeit a false one!

I’m not going to summarise it, you have to read this for yourself! I love the quote from Rob…. AS IF!!!!

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  1. All these ridiculous mag covers make me cringe so bad! I saw that one today at work (I work in a newsagency) and I just rolled my eyes. Ridiculous!

    Jayde xo