Monday, October 5, 2009

Weekly Edition of 'Famous' magazines 'What we made up this week?'

Synopsis -Rob & Kristen to visit Australia

  • It's been reported that Rob & Kristen are heading down under, to Australia.
  • Movie bosses are pushing them to be in Sydney for the November 19th premiere of 'New Moon'as the Australian premiere is the 2nd second showing in the whole world after the LA premiere on the 16th
  • Negotiations have also been made to have the 'real-life' couple appear at the Nickelodeon  Kids Choice Awards. A rep for the KCA's said "An announcement will be pending".
  • Studio sources say while they would love to bring the stars to Australia it would be incredibly difficult due to the punishing production schedule on 'Eclipse'.
  • If it doesnt happen they will attempt to get them down under next year for the premiere of 'Eclipse'.
  • Stateside sources say there is the possibility the loved up pair may quietly slip into the country for a holiday at Christmas. Kristens mother is Australian and Kristen has expressed a desire to visit. 
  • Australia is definitely on the agenda. Kristen wants to check out her roots and bring Rob along and they are looking forward to a 'low-key' visit. 

  Synopsis - Rob's 3am booty call

  • Rob drunk-dialled a girl at 2am and it wasn't his girlfriend Kristen Stewart.
  • Rob was out partying in Vancouver and met a girl named Sara who was catering a party thrown by Jackson Rathbone and his band 100 Monkeys. Apparently she made cupcakes. 
  • "We had a nice chat" Sara wrote on her website. The two apparently exchanged numbers.
  • She received a call from an unknown number and it turned out to be Robert Pattinson. 
  • He was calling to tell her how 'beautiful' her cupcakes were. Obviously  a booty call. 
If you are like me, then right now you are banging your head off a wall at this nonsense. How they get away with reporting this is unbelievable. Dont buy this rubbish please, you are only encouraging them. 

Thanks to our foreign correspondant OzTwilightTwit for the scans. 

Please source Irish Twilight Sisters if you re-post all / part of this article.  

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  1. You think thats fucked up? Have you seen the asshole who has a blog full of photoshopped pics of Rob and says he lived with her for a month and all this horsecrap?

    Great to see an irish twi blog! Got to you through an RT on twitter... follow me allaboutedward