Thursday, October 22, 2009

Taylor's New Moon performance impresses Jackson Rathbone

MTV reports - Taylor Lautner and the 30 new pounds of muscle he put on to play Jacob Black in New Moon have already spawned numerous excited fan reaction videos on the Net. But co-star Jackson Rathbone thinks that when the actual movie comes out, Lautner's physique isn't what's going to set the ladies' hearts aflutter.

"Nikki Reed keeps telling everybody, and I think it's true, yeah, [Lautner's] got his shirt off, and he looks good with his shirt off, but you look at those eyes. You really do," he told MTV News when we caught up with him on the set of his indie film, "Girlfriend."

Rathbone admitted to watching a fan's video reaction to the first trailer, in which we see a shirtless Lautner transform into a wolf for the first time. "You can't hear the rest of the [trailer] because it's just screams and screams. I think they were happy screams," Rathbone joked.

But looks aren't all the 17-year-old actor has going for him. Rathbone said Lautner's performance in the film was enough to sway half the cast and crew over to Team Jacob. Rathbone, who plays vampire Jasper Hale, didn't want to disclose his allegiance, though he hinted, "I'm all for my brother."

The growing relationship between Bella (Kristen Stewart) and Jacob is a pivotal part of "New Moon." And though Edward's rolew has been beefed up despite his physical absence from much of the story, Lautner had big shoes to fill as he stepped into the leading man role.

"Taylor Lautner really stands out in this film, and I think people are going to be really blown away by his performance," Rathbone said. "You have these great moments that Jacob just completely is winning over Bella. And it's just beautiful to see it. It's all in their eyes."


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