Friday, September 18, 2009

Scans & synopsis of OK! Australia with USA / UK inserts

Whilst it pains me no end to summarise this rubbish I do it so you dont have to buy this nonsense :D I hope you appreicate my pain & suffering haha, Bee. x
OK! Australia  main mag article.

  • Bactstage at the VMA's everyone was abuzz over star-crossed lovers Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart
  • They sneakily skipped the red carpet before appearing on stage to present the New Moon trailer with Taylor Lautner. 
  • The PDA's (public displays of affection) made it obvious they were together but the big question on everyones lips was 'Are they engaged?'
  • Film producers want them to wait to announce it to the world 'until the time is right'
  • Robert was not afraid to make sure everyone at the VMA's knew she was his girl, especially Taylor, the third cog in the supposed real life love triangle.... 
  • Rob showed Taylor who was the boss in the 'exclusive' photos shown
  • Rob did admit that good friend Kristen would be his ideal girl saying "I see love as an evolution of true friendship"
  • After Eclipse is finished filming they are reportedly going to shack-up in a $3.4 million house in West Hollywood
The Insert mini mag from the USA OK (also the same in the UK OK) has these photos and this article (synopsised) 

  • Rob is risking everything for Kristen , because as much as fans want them together just like Edward & Bella from the saga, they dont want them to be married and have Rob off the market forever. 
  • Producers told them to keep relationship under wraps until after New Moon is released to enforce the plausibility of Taylor & Kristens on screen attraction but Rob & Kristen are so in love they cannot keep their hands off each other. 
  • They were seen holding hands, slipping into each others trailers for alone time and exchanging passionate glances between takes.  Kristen is no longer moody on set but has a permanent grin on her face. 
  • Rob has no time for his guy friends and has virtually cut them all out as he only has time for his woman. (Im losing the will to live...Bee)
  • Not only were they kissing as if in their own little bubble at the recent Kings of Leon concert but during the more romantic songs they were playing footsie. 
  • Aside from their hotel in Vancouver they have rented a cabin at a secret mountainside location as its the only way they can get alone time. 
  • Rob would ditch anything and anyone for Kristen. They cant imagine not spending the rest of their lives together. 
So there you have it folks, believe what you will but please dont encourage OK! to print more of this rubbish by purchasing their rag and increasing profits. 

Thanks to my special aussie correspondant OzTwilightTwit for the scans. xx

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