Friday, September 11, 2009

OK! Australia - New Moon Special - Scans & Article - Click pic for larger image

 OK! - article synopsis - There is the essential back story to New Moon on the first page of the 'interview', inevitably ending up with talk of the 'love triangle' between Edward, Bella & Jacob which has 'threatened to spill over into real life' with Robert, Kristen & Taylor. Michael Angarano, Kristen's ex-boyfriend is mentioned in the context of the last OK! article in which Robert apparantly intercepted text messages from Michael to Kristen and got very jealous'told Michael to stay away from her.

The 'interview' itself seems to be a mish-mash of quotes pulled from several different interviews that the trio have done in the last while. There is definite 'Comic Con' quotage going on...can you tell where some of the other quotes have come from?
Here are some snippets you might recognise: When answering how Jacobs character has changed for New Moon, Taylor is quoted as saying "I knew Jacobs charachter changed a lot so I knew I had a lot of work ahead of myself. So as soon as we finished filming I hit the gym, got a personal trainer, it was a lot of work"

Kristen on Taylors transformation: "It took him so much time, he is so devoted. He's amped, really excited."

Robert on having a normal life: "I never do anything normal anyway. I just get other people to do it now."
Robert on not being in New Moon a lot: "If he doesn't go you cant miss him - and thats what the movie is about, an empty dark place where Edward is absent"

Favourite scenes - break up scenes
Fave book - Taylor - "Eclipse - love triangle", Kristen - "New Moon because of how far I can push myself within the series", Robert - "NewMoon, breaking up of the relationship, Edward is seen as the hero but really Bella is the hero in every book"

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