Tuesday, September 1, 2009

OK! Australia cover & inside pics..

OK! Australia reports on the now infamous 'Kings of Leon' concert 'Kiss' - how Rob & Kristen are now openly dating each other, and how Taylor is jealous of their relationship due to his own feelings for Kristen he developed whilst filming New Moon. 
Rob - is apparently dumbfounded by all the attention he now gets from the ladies because apparently up until last year he wasn't getting any, attention, that is.- (why am i sceptical of this? LOL - Bee)
Kellan - The 'former model' is keen on extreme sports and is very like his character Emmet. He also says the cast are very close and their are no 'divas'.He likes to live a 'carefree & stress-free' existence. 
OK also reports that 'fangbangers' should be happy now that Kellan is single after breaking up with 90210's Annalynn McCord (Did they really print 'Fangbangers' ? - seriously!!)
Ashley is reported winning a Teen Choice award (true) & apparently the heart of Chace Crawford (Yet to be proven!)  Ashley who is best friends with Kellan said its nice to have others to go through this experience with and all the cast are like 'How did this happen?'
Nikki - Co-wrote the screenplay to 'Thirteen' with Catherine Hardwicke (Crikey, you learn something new every day) Wow - Apparently to honour the roll of Rosalie, Nikki bleached her hair blonde and some of it fell out, then spent time bleaching her skin - she thought this would help fans of the book accept her more in the movie (Now, that is dedication)
Taylor -  After Taylor read the books he said'Oh my gosh, what am i getting into?' (If only he knew then, what he knows now huh?) Jacob is Taylors favourite character in the books and he is definitely Team Jacob (eh, no kidding - he IS Jacob)
Kristen - Half aussie Kristen finds the whole fuss surrounding 'Twilight' a bit awkward but Catherine Hardwick says she had no doubts casting Kristen for Twilight because her "mixture of innocence & longing knocked me out" (Stay awkward Kristen, we love it)

Many thanks to our foreign correspondant Melissa for these pics - YOU ROCK!!

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