Tuesday, September 15, 2009

5 Reasons to love Taylor Lautner via ScreenStar

1. Body. His chiseled abs actually produce drool for those that stare at it for lengths of time. We're not kidding, give it a shot and see how long you can last without your jaw slamming onto the floor. The amazing piece of art, also known as Taylor's body, is pure perfection.

2. Smile. Taylor has a smile that will light up any room. His positive glow infects everyone around him and his energy can be felt throughout. Whether he is on set, out with friends, or on the red carpet, Taylor is always polite and smiling. Even when he is asked the same questions on repeat, he still turns up that smile and charms the reporters.

3. Determination. When his job was in jeopardy last December, Taylor hit the gym to prove to the skeptics that he could be leading man material. Thirty pounds later, Lautner emerged as serious competition for heartthrob Robert Pattinson. The sheer will and determination that Taylor displayed should be praised and heavily rewarded.

4. Confident. Fine, Rob might be the take your breath away beauty but there is something about Taylor's confidence that makes him irresistibly sexy. Always standing tall, Taylor never seems to back down from any challenge and wholeheartedly gives life 100%. It is that confidence that he exudes that makes him a babe magnet and has millions of fans torn between Team Edward and Team Jacob.

5. Jacob Black. The pages of Stephenie Meyer's Twilight Saga captivated us all but it was Taylor Lautner that brought the beloved werewolf to life on screen. The casting was perfect for Jacob and the chemistry that Kristen Stewart shares with her costar is undeniable.


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