Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Hold onto your seats - Summit have release a 14 second teaser trailer and here it is just for you - Enjoy....!!!!!

UPDATE: This is the teaser trailer, however the full 'New' trailer will be shown before shows of new Vanessa Hudgens (HSM) movie 'BandSlam' released in the States this Friday. We are not sure if this is the case re the Ireland release of 'BandSlam' but i will try to find out and let you know.

Having sat through 2 hours of the Teen Choice Awards last night just to see 5 minutes worth of the Twilight cast i'm not sure i could endure a Vanessa Hudgens movie just to see the trailer. I am hoping to have the new trailer by this Saturday though, so keep your fingers crossed.


  1. Love the teaser, it's a great mix of the first trailer and the Comic Con clips.

    Hopefully someone will put up the full length trailer by Saturday evening (GMT) [fingers crossed].
    Or, even better, they put it on the official website

  2. Im hoping to have it on here maybe saturday morning if my sources come through for me - keep fingers crossed.