Saturday, August 22, 2009

The 'Bouffant' lives on.....

Is the 'Bouffant' made famous by RPattz starting a new trend much like the Jennifer Aniston craze in the 90's at the height of 'Friends' fame? No, probably not, but this is could be the start dontcha think?

We think Kyle Gallner (Haunting in Connecticut, Smallville, Veronica Mars etc.,) is trying to pull of his best 'Edward' look here...doesnt have quite the same effect on us, but not a bad effort!


  1. I love him as Beaver in VM. It makes me sad to think about it! I think he is working the Edward bouffant pretty well, actually!

  2. I love Rob but I personally think that Kyle Gallner is hotter...Don't kill me...